Space Station Earth is an epic, mind expanding and emotional live show that harnesses the power of music, combined with film and video from space to show our world in ways that audiences have never seen before. See through the eyes of an astronaut with footage that they have captured whilst aboard the International Space Station, set to inspiring and moving music by Ilan Eshkeri.

The closest you can get to being in space


Award winning, Internationally recognised composer, producer conductor and performer Ilan Henry Eshkeri is has collaborated with astronauts and scientists, with the support of ESA, NASA, and the International Space Station to create this extraordinary experience


Experience the incredible emotional journey of a voyage to the stars and the mind expanding spectacle of seeing the Earth from space. The exclusive footage filmed primarily by astronauts is projected across three enormous screens accompanied by a live band and orchestra. Specially composed music by Ilan Eshkeri creates an experience like no other. The show is a poetic journey using images, music and emotion to educate and impact audiences.

  • From the vantage point of space, we see humanity as one inclusive species on a planet.
  • With footage filmed on Earth, we see humans working together to prosper and living together peacefully all across the globe.
  • Footage filmed from the International Space Station shows that there are no lines that delineate countries or cultures.
  • We see how the oceans are connected, how the weather systems are connected and how the planet and all humanity is interlinked.

It was an absolutely incredible show just amazing juxtaposition of astounding footage, gorgeous brilliant music and really really moving, really powerful experience. I cannot recommend it enough


I think it was absolutely amazing it made me more aware of how beautiful the earth is


It’s just extraordinary it’s one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced in my life


I think for anybody who is interested in our planet should definitely come and have a look

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The audience will see innovation and technology as they travel from nature to human activity and eventually to a rocket launch that transports the audience to the International Space Station, one of the pinnacles of human achievement, a beacon of what can be done when countries collaborate on a single initiative. The audience is left with a sense of wonder of what humanity can accomplish.

Space Station Earth not only shows the beauty and fragility of our planet, but also shows that when the world works together, whether in space or on the ground, whether in the arts, sciences or finance, we can achieve incredible things.


Our planet is a sanctuary among the stars that all people are travelling on. We have no choice but to look after it and each other.


It is our Space Station Earth.


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ESA astronaut Tim Peake:
“There aren't many words that can truly describe the beauty of seeing Earth from space. But Space Station Earth attempts to do this, using music and video, to capture the emotion of human spaceflight and exploration. Featuring previously unreleased footage from ESA astronauts and accompanied by a live orchestra, the show creates a unique experience, one that celebrates space and unites the audience, just as exploration unites humankind.”

Composer & Creator Ilan Eshkeri:
“The idea that inspired the title Space Station Earth was understanding that the crew of the International Space Station have to look after each other and the vessel they are travelling on in order to survive. The same is true for us on planet earth. We have to look after each other and the planet we are travelling on in order to survive. I hope everyone who sees the show takes that message home with them and strives to make our planet a better place”